Abyss of the fallen

Reviewed by:

Ceil Carey, retired public librarian and long time book discussion leader



Abyss of the fallen


Diana Estell


Brimstone Fiction






261 pages


Dagon is the Guardian of Light. He has a foot in two worlds, Earth and the Abyss, thus the title of the book. He is half human which gives the readers an idea of why Dagon has some of our human addictions, like smoking, and other idiosyncrasies. Of course he is also half-Seraph which gives him super human powers, i.e. reading minds, hearing thoughts. Quite a combination!

Remember that song, When two worlds collide? That happens in The abyss of the fallen when boy meets girl. Dagon meets a troubled, abused girl named Mary and sparks fly. Those in the human world are not aware of the spiritual battle going on all around them, similarly to lives today. Yet atrocities are being committed continually at the direction of Savila, the ruler of the Abyss. And some of those atrocities are being committed by Dagon himself at the direction of Savila. How will Mary react to this? Is there any way she can possibly understand his crimes? Can Mary’s love overcome all? 

The author includes a little humor and some romance which adds another layer to the fantasy. The end of this book leaves readers hanging so be prepared to dive into book two to find out what happens next!


Rating (1 to 5):

Rating: 3

Suggested Audience:

Fantasy aficionados

Christian Impact:

The age old fight between good and evil.

Other Notes:

-includes first chapter of Book 2, Ashes of the Fallen 

Abyss of the Fallen

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