Shades of light 

Reviewed by:

Ceil Carey, retired public librarian and long time book discussion leader



Shades of light


Sharon Garlough Brown



InterVarsity Press




345 pages




Brown’s book, Shades of light, is not fluffy fiction. This is a hard subject, mental illness, and the book is difficult. It is the story of Wren, a young woman, an artist, who has a breakdown and then struggles to get back on her feet in every way. It is also the story of her family, especially her mother Jamie who strives with her own anxiety for Wren and inability to help her. It is also the story of her Aunt Kit who experienced her own breakdown some years before and that of Wren’s best friend Casey whose relationship with Wren is many faceted and causes her great joy and deepest pain.

But no review of this book would be complete without mention of Vincent Van Gogh and the great impact his life and work and faith have on Wren, not only as an artist but as a Christian. Van Gogh is woven through the book in many different ways. I believe readers will come away with a new understanding of the artist and of mental illness itself.


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Suggested Audience:

Fans of Sharon Garlough Brown, Van Gogh or anyone seeking encouragement or struggling emotionally

Christian Impact:

Other Notes:

-includes recommended resources

-includes a list of Vincent Van Gogh works


Shades of Light

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