The Ninefold Path of Jesus: Hidden Wisdom of the Beatitudes

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Connor Salter, Professional Writing alumnus from Taylor University, Upland, IN.


The Ninefold Path of Jesus: Hidden Wisdom of the Beatitudes


Mark Scandrette


InterVarsity Press

Publication Date:

July 13, 2021




176 pages


The Beatitudes are one of the best-known sections of Jesus’ teaching. While most people agree that “blessed are the merciful” and “blessed are the peacemakers” are good things to live by, few know how to apply it. Mark Scandrette suggests that in following these nine attitudes, we find the strength to live healthier, wiser, more loving lives. He breaks down Jesus’ nine ideas into nine “ways,” attitudes that people can practice, showing the value of each attitude:

  • The Way of Trust
  • The Way of Lament
  • The Way of Humility
  • The Way of Justice
  • The Way of Compassion
  • The Way of Right Motive
  • The Way of Peacemaking
  • The Way of Surrender
  • The Way of Radical Love

Scandrette admits up front that he’s riffing on language from Buddhism’s Eightfold Path (right thought, right speech, etc.). However, he doesn’t borrow any of Buddhism’s concepts, so one can hardly call this a syncretic book. He takes an on-the-ground, practical approach to the material, describing how to apply these ideas and the value of doing so. Therefore, it’s not incredibly deep, but it’s very useful. Scandrette does a great job of combining arguments and anecdotes to show why each of these attitudes is important and how they change things. The book’s format also includes various graphics to break down the ideas into reflections, study questions and applications.

A relatable, highly useful book.


Rating (1 to 5 stars)

3 stars

Suggested Audience

Christians looking to apply Jesus’ teachings from the Beatitudes to their lives.

Christian Impact

Throughout, Scandrette helps readers consider why these ideas are vital to not just following Jesus, but building a better world.

The Ninefold Path of Jesus: Hidden Wisdom of the Beatitudes

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