Deadly Deceit

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Deadly Deceit


Natalie Walters






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322 pages


Vivian DeMarco is a journalist looking to start over in Walton, Georgia, where her life had seemed to derail a year earlier. Ryan Frost is a deputy of the local police department, and he has just returned from training in Quantico. After the death of Vivian’s boss, it becomes clear to Ryan that Vivian will stop at nothing to find who’s responsible for his death. The two are brought together on the investigation and find that there’s something much darker happening in their small town than anyone could imagine.

This book is so suspenseful and quirky. I fell in love with the characters immediately, and their chemistry is incredible. The stakes in this book are even higher than the first, and I couldn’t put it down at times. It’s a great read for anyone who loves murder and sweet moments between characters.


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5 stars

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Christian Impact:

The influence of Christianity is apparent. The overarching theme of this book is that love conquers all. That no one is truly alone or defined by their past. It has hope, which is something more books need. Overall, it does have a Christian impact without being too preachy.



Deadly Deceit (Harbored Secrets, #2)

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