A Dance in Donegal

Reviewed by:

Edna Johnson of Faith Baptist, Winfield, IL

Book title:

A Dance in Donegal


Jennifer Diebel




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330 pages


This is a good Irish story. The time is the 1920’s. Moira goes to Ireland to teach school after the death of her mother. She finds friends but then encounters all of the Irish superstitions as well as suspicions surrounding her mother. There seem to be secrets about her mother and some kind of scandal. She befriends a very ill and unlikable lad. That friendship costs her the job of teaching because of the fear of illness as a punishment. A fire intended to take her life is discovered.

However, the truth comes out in the end. Her mother is found to have been the subject of lies. Now romance is in her future.


5 out of 5

Suggested audience:

Adults – especially those who understand Irish or who have a particular interest in Ireland.

Christian Impact:

Very good. Trust in spite of difficulties.

A Dance in Donegal

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