Mrs. Witherspoon Goes to War

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Edna Johnson of Faith Baptist Church, Winfield, IL


Mrs. Witherspoon Goes to War (Heroines of WWII) 


Mary Davis


Barbour Books




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253 pages


The author shows how one woman overcame roadblocks in her life and proved she could fly planes and be as dependable as a man. Peggy Witherspoon wanted to fly from the time she was a young girl and she worked to make that dream happen. She knew what war was about as she had lost her own husband to war and now, a mom with two little girls, she wanted to make a difference.

I especially enjoyed this book since I lived through World War 2 and my sister was in the WAVES. This book reveals much of what women accomplished and also their importance to the cause. In many cases, women were looked down upon and some felt women were not qualified to fly airplanes.

Mrs. Witherspoon goes to war is filled with intrigue, adventure and, of course, romance.


5 out of 5

Suggested audience:

Anyone interested in World War 2 and the WASPS.

Christian Impact:

Very good. It shows how trust in the Lord helped in difficult places.





Mrs. Witherspoon Goes to War (Heroines of WWII)

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