The Winter Rose

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Edna Johnson of Faith Baptist in Winfield, IL


The Winter Rose


Melanie Dobson



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346 pages


This is an interesting story about Quakers and their part in rescuing Jewish children during WW2.

Grace Tonquin is an American Quaker who leads 12 children from Germany to Spain. They face many obstacles but finally cross the Pyrenees Mountain. She then has to find a family or places for the children but two are left, a brother and a sister, with no place to go. Grace takes them to her home in Oregon. The man who helps her rescue the children finds her and they are married but past trauma continues to tear the family apart.

Fast foward to many years later, Addie Hoult tries to find the Tonquin family. She wants to to help her friend and mentor, Charlie who is in need of someone to donate stem cells due to a genetic disease. The past and present are brought together resulting in physical and emotional healing. The Lord is honored as a result of the reunion.


5 out of 5

Suggested audience:

Teens through adult

Christian impact:



A good book for anyone who is interested in the Quakers during WW2.

The Winter Rose

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