Marriage Conversations-from Co-existing to Cherished

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Denise Roberts, church librarian, and member of the ECLA board



Marriage Conversations-from Co-existing to Cherished


Cathy Primer Krafve


Cross River Media






245 pages


Marriage is complex. It is complex because two individuals merge their personalities into a
relationship that should blend into a beautiful friendship over the years. As one who has been
married almost 50 years, I appreciated Cathy Krafve’s approach to this subject because she
introduces ways to make small changes that can produce significant blessings in marriage.
She addresses the complex and challenging areas of marriage with humor, vulnerability, and an
easy conversational style while reminding us of God’s plan for marriage and His blessing in it.
Cathy is not afraid to share her hard moments and is honest about heartache and triumph. I
enjoyed her conversational style, which is reflected in the title. Her challenges and suggestions
will give you hope and direction for actions to take in marriage while drawing you closer to God
and his plans for you.


4 out of 5

Suggested audience:

Readers interested in marriage and growth in relationships.

Christian impact:

This book is focused on marriage relationships from a Christian perspective. It emphasizes
one man and one woman relationships and how to grow through challenges.

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