Season of my enemy 

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Edna Johnson


Season of my enemy


Naomi Musch



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249 pages


This book goes takes readers back to WW2 but here in the homeland. With two sons off to war, a farm in Wisconsin needs workers.With the men gone overseas and her father dead, Fannie O’Brien mus run the family farm. That seems like an impossible task until German prisoners are available for work through the government. Fannie expects trouble and it comes with the controversy. Can they be trusted? Most were just ordinary people forced to fight for Hitler. But two sons of the family are fighting overseas so it is hard to trust a German much less like them or treat them kindly when your sons are fighting Germans in the war.  Someone keeps causing “accidents”.  Fannie must run the farm, hold her own family together and discover who is causing the uproar. How long can she keep this up?

Everyone looks forward to the end of the war where each can return to their own country.

I especially enjoyed this book because I grew up on a farm during this time and ,any things brought back memories.


4 out of 5

Suggested audience:

History buffs of WW2, adults and older teens

Christian impact:

There is not a lot of Christian impact except the characters do attend church and pray.

Season of My Enemy (Heroines of WWII)

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