A Reckless Love

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Edna Johnson of Faith Baptist, Winfield, IL


A Reckless Love (Daughtry House Book #3)


Beth White




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364 pages


Following the Civil War, the Daughtry sisters have turned the plantation into a resort. They keep former slaves as hired servants. One sister has a school for the black children which has caused the KKK to burn down some of their buildings.

The sisters find they have inherited more than the plantation. A saloon with a past and two ladies still living there are part of it as well. One of the Daughtry sisters is married and pregnant, one is getting married, so Aurora Daughtry takes on the task of redoing the saloon into something reputable. Now into town comes Zane Sugar, not for a vacation but with two prisoners he must hide to keep them safe for a murder trial of a federal judge. Aurora also challenges Zane’s thinking about the world and God in particular. Of course there is also some romance.

A lot of people, places and events to keep straight but altogether a good view of the South and hatred by the Klan.


4 out of 5

Suggested audience:

History buffs, especially of the South and adults.

Christian Impact:

This teaches that all are created equal, God looks at the heart. Good teaching.

Reckless Love




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