To Disguise the Truth

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To Disguise the Truth (Third Book in The Bleecker Street Inquiry Agency Series)


Jen Turano


Bethany House

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347 Pages


When Eunice Holbrooke discovers her mining mogul grandfather murdered with the evidence framing her as the suspect, she runs away from Montana to New York City. Years later, in 1887, Eunice has put her past behind her and returns to Montana. Content to lay low and hide from the unknown killer, she disguises herself as a widow, black skirts, veils, and all. She finds purpose in aiding others through her partnership at The Bleecker Street Inquiry Agency.

When Arthur Livingston, successful mining industrialist, shows up on the Agency’s doorstep, she knows her past has caught up to her. The time he spent with her grandfather in Montana was enough to make them despise each other. Livingston wants the agency’s help to locate Eunice, inform her of her family’s schemes to steal her inheritance, and marry her—none of which Eunice is interested in. Her life at the agency is the best she could ask for.

Determined to keep her true identity a secret, Eunice refuses his case and takes on another. She goes undercover and becomes ensnared in a string of dangerous circumstances. When one situation forces the truth of her identity to be revealed, she must make a decision. Return to Montana and confront her past or run from it? And could the man who was once her adversary, now honoring his word to her grandfather, be the true love she was looking for all along?

To Disguise the Truth is a story of confronting fears and uncovering daring murder plots. Eunice must learn to face the past instead of hiding, and she must trust others and allow them to help her do it. She must claim her birthright and uncover the family secrets before the murderer can get her, too.


Rating: 4

Suggested Audience

This book would interest primarily women who enjoy historical romances. Its content is appropriate for an audience age 16 and up; the heavy focus on business and inheritance in the story might bore a younger reader.

Christian Impact

To Disguise the Truth has characters who reference the Bible. It is realistic to the extremely Christian-centered society that existed in America in the 1800s. While there are references and Christian themes, the book does not become overly preachy. This book is clean, humorous, and a good read for Christian women.

To Disguise the Truth (The Bleeker Street Inquiry Agency, #3)

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