Active Defense

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Jared Salomon from Plainfield, Illinois, a Professional Writing student at Taylor University in Upland, IN.



Active Defense (Danger Never Sleeps)


Lynette Eason



Publication Date:

January 5, 2021


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306 pages


Since Heather Fontaine is a former surgeon, she expected life-and-death situations to stay in the past. But they do not.

Heather attends a party with her friend group, which includes Travis Walker, a man she has a crush on. Little does she know that Travis loves her back. At the party, Heather mentions that there is a stalker who has been following her. After the party, Heather finds out that the stalker has broken into her house.

Heather flees and hides out in a small town far from her house without telling anyone. But this is not enough. The stalker follows Heather to where she is staying. However, Travis has also found Heather and intends on keeping her safe. Heather, Travis, and their friends must find out who is stalking Heather and why.

Although the pacing in this book is sometimes either too slow or too fast, the characters can sometimes be unrealistic and hard to connect with, and some of the dialogue is confusing and not particularly intriguing, this book is still enjoyable to read. It excels at suspense, likely to leave readers wondering how the characters are going to make it out of their dangerous situations with the cliffhangers. The mystery element is also strong with the book’s plot twists and trying to figure out who the stalker is. Also, the main theme builds throughout the story, which is letting others in and accepting not being in control.



4 out of 5

Suggested Audience

Drama romance readers, readers of the Danger Never Sleeps series, Christian fiction readers, and romance suspense readers

Christian Impact

There is no significant Christian impact, though characters pray, encourage others to pray, and mention that God is in control and that they should let things go to God.


Active Defense (Danger Never Sleeps, #3)

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