Falling for the cowgirl

Reviewed by:

Beth Swanson, voracious reader


Falling for the cowgirl (Book 4 of Colorado Cowboys)


Jody Hedlund


Bethany House


Publication date:

Fall 2022




347 pages


Imagine growing up in Wild West Colorado 1869 and being the only girl in your family, competing with your brothers. Of course, they treat you like a little girl, not a grown woman. Falling for the cowgirl tells how Ivy McQuaid decides to participate as a man in roping and riding competitions and she does it with the roughest of ranchers! Ivy is determined to have a home of her own and saves her winnings from different competitions to buy the land that is her heart’s desire. But when Jericho Bliss arrives back in her life, the man who she once had given her heart to, that dream is at risk.

Bliss is now an undercover Pinkerton agent and and though the last thing he wants to do is get involved with Ivy and put her at risk, he finds himself doing just that, falling hard and placing her in danger. Intrigue, romance, family love, trials and finding love with a man you’ve known most of your life are all parts of this historical fiction book in the Colorado Cowboys series.


4 out of 5

Suggested audience:

Young adults to adults

Christian impact:

Knowing that God is a forgiving God

Falling for the Cowgirl (Colorado Cowboys, #4)



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