What if Jesus was serious about the church

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Ceil Carey, retired public librarian and long time book discussion leader


What if Jesus was serious about the church: A visual guide to becoming the community Jesus intended


Skye Jethani




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229 pages


Author Skye Jethani looks at what the Bible really says about the church, it’s purposes and it’s impact. The New Testament calls us to be a community rather than an event or building or even an institution. To do this, he uses fifty-one short (2-3 pages) chapters, each one introduced with his inimitable sketch-like illustrations. And each ending with verses suggested for further reading. The book is divided into five parts: the family reunion; the family meal; the family gathering; the family business; and the family servants.

What if Jesus was serious… is well worth the time spent reading it and the time every reader should spend considering what Jethani offers us in his book.


5 out of 5

Suggested audience:

Any Christian who is serious about what Jesus really intended for His church

Christian impact:

Jethani presents interesting concepts that if taken seriously by Christians could change the make-up of  our modern churches.

Also includes:

-chapter by chapter notes

What If Jesus Was Serious about the Church?: A Visual Guide to Becoming the Community Jesus Intended




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  1. The first thing he’d tell all teachers of the way, not to put off others, who may do the same work in a different way, and not to use faith, as a means of dividing the people, as so ,many are put off, by hard line religious thinking, and who complained the most about that to the pharisee’s, Jesus.

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