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When You Are Near

This is a story of Lizzy and she is a trick horse back rider in a family rodeo show. It is set in 1900, so the way things are done is a little different than today. Lizzy has loved Wes since she was eight years old, but he only thought of her as a child or little sister. They are brought back together when the rodeo comes home for the winter season and her father passes.

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A Desperate Hope

It is a story about Eloise and Alex. They got to know each other when they were teenagers and than she got put in to a convent. Twelve years later she is put on a project in the town where Alex is the Mayor.  His town is to be destroyed and flooded to make a reservoir.  Can he stop it, will she be able to help?   They need each other’s help to make it through this rough stretch. Can they become as close as they once were? It takes three years but things fall into place, but how.

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The Escape

Two US Marshals are transporting prisoners by plane. After the plane crashes, one of the prisoners escapes. The prisoner evades the marshals repeatedly, and the chase continues. Both marshals have past experiences that they are working to come to terms with during the search.

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