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All My Friends Have Issues

In her debut book, Amanda Anderson discusses friendships, especially those between females. She comes at the topic from a Christian perspective, recognizing the brokenness we all face and finding healthy ways to build Christ-like relationships through our issues.

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Someday Home

(Book Review) Someday Home

Someday Home has a rather unusual plot, although the theme of women’s friendship is a perennial favorite of readers.

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4th and Four

(Book Review) 4th and Four

4th And Four is an autobiography that uses anecdotes and stories to reveal the importance of having good, godly friends who will be there for one another when life has unexpected ups and downs.

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Snap Decision

(Book Review) Snap Decision

Whitaker brings the reader to the state of Florida, and into the fictional location of Archie F. Carr School. We follow an eighth grader named Chase Clark and his adventure with his school’s football team.

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