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Living in Bonus Time: Surviving Cancer, Finding New Purpose

Generally, books about surviving disease or addiction take one of two routes. One route is to tell the story in a very objective way, with lots of references to other resources, with clear conclusions or takeaways. Another route is to write the story like a memoir or creative nonfiction piece, making it hard to tell what the takeaways are but really capturing the chaos that rages when going through hard times. Hill leans toward the first route, but doesn’t use that format as a copout to make cancer survival seem easy.

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Fly Away

Reviewed by: Diane Ash, retired teacher and current church librarian at the Federated Church of Sandwich   Introduction Title: Fly Away Author: Lynn Austin Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform Publication Date: 2017 Format: Print book Length: 234 pages OVERVIEW Lynn Austin’s newest novel takes place in 1987 and tells the story of two very different characters who meet by chance at a local […]

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(Book Review) Never Ever Give Up

Erik Rees tells the story of his daughter’s ten month battle with cancer and her loving spirit toward others during this ordeal. Jessie wants to help other kids with cancer and comes up with the idea of JoyJars, packages with toys, games and love to be given out in hospital wards.

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