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The Littlest Anchor

This is a children’s storybook about a ship that sails from Massachusetts to Liberia and runs into to some bad weather and difficult conditions. The story explains how the Captain carefully selects his crew and makes sure the ship is in perfect shape for the journey, including making sure the little anchor is on board with the appropriate rope. When the ship comes into perilous conditions, it turns out it is the little anchor that saves the ship because it caught on another huge anchor during the storm.

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Ever Constant

Tracie Peterson always provide good Christian principles and views.

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Reading Evangelicals: How Christian Fiction Shaped a Culture and a Faith

Silliman carefully considers what each of these books says about redemption, justice, and human flourishing, and how those ideas fit with broad Christian teachings on those subjects. He also considers some of the limits of the books’ ideas, how a book can fit Christian ideas but get stuck in inconsistencies.

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