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(DVD Review) The Master Designer: The Song

This is a beautiful and professionally-produced film about the wonders of nature that point to a designer God. Six animals or insects are examined in detail, showing how their characteristics and qualities support the thesis of creation, and for a couple of them, an historical incident where they were involved. An additional segment talks about the scientific revolution of the past, and how many scientists were operating under a Christian worldview that saw the regularities of natural law as a reflection of God’s character.

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Days? or Ages? The Genesis Question: A Layman Looks at Creation’s Calendar

The question of the earth’s origin has been a stumbling block for quite a long time. Even among Christians, who all believe that God created the universe, there are numerous views on the specifics of Earth’s beginning. Days? Or Ages? The Genesis Question attempts to tackle this issue by providing an in-depth examination of Genesis 1 as explained in layman’s terms.

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Six Days

(Book Review) Six Days

Ken Ham, leading creation scientist and founder of Answers in Genesis, outlines his argument for the necessity of Genesis 1-11 to be interpreted as a historical narrative.

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