(DVD Review) The Master Designer: The Song

Reviewed by: Virginia Peterson, former church librarian from Rochester, N.Y. 


Title: The Master Designer: The Songthe-song

ProducerSteve Griesen

Production Company: Reel Productions

Publication Date: 2013

Format: DVD

Length: 75 minutes


This is a beautiful and professionally-produced film about the wonders of nature that point to a designer God. Six animals or insects are examined in detail, showing how their characteristics and qualities support the thesis of creation, and for a couple of them, an historical incident where they were involved. An additional segment talks about the scientific revolution of the past, and how many scientists were operating under a Christian worldview that saw the regularities of natural law as a reflection of God’s character.

Rating (1 to 5)


Content (1 to 5)


Suggested Audience

Older elementary to adult, non-scientists

Christian Impact

The movie will reinforce Christians’ awe of the design of the creation.

Other Notes

Since I was originally asked to review this for an organization that seeks to evangelize science-minded people using scientific evidences for God, I gave it greater scrutiny than I might have otherwise. Checking on some of the scientific facts presented, I found a few inaccurate statements. As well, the story about “George Washington and the Bees” does not seem to be historically supportable, traceable back only to the late 1800s. The final segment, which is about “the song of crickets”, and apparently where the movie gets its name, was a little unclear to me as to what the meaning or significance of it was. (One can find internet discussion about the original making of “the song” also, and if it’s accurate.)
An additional concern for me were the statements made about evolution. They were general and simplistic, and they would not be convincing to anyone familiar with the arguments used by scientists who promote evolution today. Therefore I would not use the film, as the author suggested in an interview, to teach people about how to oppose evolution. However, it could be used as a springboard for an investigation of the facts and issues raised, to teach awareness of worldviews and how Christianity was involved in the scientific revolution, etc.

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