Marriage Done Right: One Man, One Woman

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Title: Marriage Done Right: One Man, One Womanmarriage-done-right-cover-v4-pers

Author: Jim Daly

Publisher: Regnery Faith

Publication Date: 2016

Format: Print book

Length: 212 pages


Marriage Done Right is the perfect breath of fresh air to any committed marriage. As the President of Focus On the Family, Jim Daly is an expert at using personal stories from his own marriage, as well as others who have written into his program, to paint a vivid picture of what fruits grow out of a solid, God honoring Christian marriage. Daly gives great resources for newlyweds as they build a healthy relationship, the seasoned couple who have fallen into a relationship rut and might be contemplating divorce, or anyone who wants to further his or her understanding of God’s intention for marriage.


Daly’s content includes but is not limited to: what makes a soul mate, what the purpose of marriage really is, why children need a mother and father present in their lives, how a healthy sexual relationship is important and what you can do to improve yours, the secrets to a great marriage, and a personalized marriage assessment.


Rating (1 to 5)

5 stars

Suggested Audience

This book is great for all married readers, especially newly married couples, marriage folks struggling or contemplating divorce, and anyone looking to strengthen and nourish a loving marriage.

Christian Impact

Jim Daly spends a significant amount of time conveying the importance of a man and woman relationship. He explains biblical principles that back up this thinking that can help Christian’s strengthen their stance on heterosexual relationships. Daly also shares great advice and resources for any couples seeking marital counseling, wanting to know more about forming healthy sexual relationships, or are trying to heal broken marriages.

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Marriage Done Right: One Man, One Woman

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