Land of Silence

Reviewed by: Elizabeth Hartmann, a professional writing major at Taylor University



TitleLand of Silence

Author: Tessa Afshar

Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.

Publication Date: May 2016

Format: Print book

Length: 390 pages


    Ever since her brother died because of her thoughtlessness, Elianna, the daughter of a merchant in ancient Jerusalem, yearns for forgiveness and healing. When her father refuses to forgive her, she tries to work for her restoration by overseeing her father’s textile business. Years pass, but guilt gnaws at her. Because of her fears, she puts off her marriage to her beloved, leaving her need for forgiveness further out of reach. Although she finds relief from her troubles by producing creative and innovative garments, her success not only attracts a new clientele, but also the unwanted interests of a Roman commander.

Unfortunately, an unwanted kiss destroys her future. She chooses to shatter her own heart rather than put her family and the only man she has ever loved in danger. Death’s shadow strikes again, and she is forced to sell her father’s business – the only comfort she has ever known. When a bleeding sickness holds her in its grasp for twelve years, Elianna nearly gives up all hope and desire for life. Unclean and isolated, she craves a touch of love. Then she hears rumors of a man who casts out demons and heals the sick. She’s tried everything. But Elianna chooses to hope again and reaches out her hand to find forgiveness and healing.

Elianna and the other characters in this book are loveable and complex. You will laugh, cry, and celebrate with them. The writing is engaging, and the surprises will keep you flipping pages to find out what happens. This heartwarming tale entertains from cover to cover.



Rating (1 to 5)

5 stars

Suggested Audience

Although aimed for woman, anyone with a heart for biblical romance will enjoy this book. This novel will be a favorite among avid biblical fiction fans, who want a glimpse of what life was like when Jesus walked the earth.

Christian Impact

    Elianna’s search for restoration and forgiveness is one everyone can relate to. This book shows how God can use our darkest trials and hurts in our life for good. In our society, we seek superficial healing and slather ourselves in make-up to hide our deepest wounds, but no “quick fix” or cover-up can change the state of our soul. This book emphasizes Jesus’ ability to forgive our darkest secrets and heal those wounds.

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Land of Silence

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