The Seven Signs of Jesus: God’s Proof for the Open-Minded

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Title: The Seven Signs of Jesus: God’s Proof for the Open-Minded

Author: Stan Guthrie

Publisher Stan Guthrie (self-published)

Publication Date: 2016

Format: Print book

Length:Stan Guthrie (self-published)


            The Seven Signs of Jesus offers a presentation of what the author believes were seven specific verifications that Jesus Christ was, indeed, the Son of God and the promised Messiah.  It also gives an in-depth explanation of what these signs looked like when Jesus accomplished them. Guthrie goes into detail to help readers understand what was happening during the era in which these miracles were performed by Jesus, as well as why Jesus felt they were pertinent, practical, and also necessary as evidence of his identify and ministry.

            The author analyzes scriptural references in order to offer more detail about why certain miracles were very much needed at that time (specially related to medical healing) and how the recounting of those miracles still touches the lives of believers today. The discussion of each sign is accompanied by an abundance of scriptural cross references, as well as an expanded explanation of the sign itself, both in regard to its ability to draw crowds to Jesus and also its ability to signal to new followers that Jesus was a great physician, a spiritual king, and a genuine prophet. Guthrie also relates these signs to life today, allowing the reader to apply these lessons and information to their lives now.

             Each chapter ends with helpful questions to challenge the readers to think about how to comprehend and use the information.  An eighth chapter explains the resurrection, not as one of the seven signs, but as a significant piece of the total story of Christ on earth.


Rating (1 to 5)

4 stars

Suggested Audience

YA and up

Christian Impact

The author creates a simple way to comprehend and visualize what each of the signs would have looked like when Jesus performed them. The text assists in providing a new perspective on what the signs were, how they were accomplished, and the impact they made. By going in depth, Guthrie shows the range and meaning behind the words and actions of Jesus.

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The Seven Signs of Jesus: God's Proof for the Open-Minded

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