Guided by His Light: A child’s bedtime prayer book

Reviewed by:  Ceil Carey, Co-president of ECLA and log time book discussion leader



Title: Guided by His Light: A child’s bedtime prayer book

Author: Susan Jones

Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing

Publication Date: March 2017

Format: Paperback ARC

Length: 64 pages


This is a sweet little book that contains over fifty prayers written for young children about a variety of subjects and with lovely illustrations done by Pauline Siewert. Children will also love the rhyming of each one, very easy to read.

The very small size of the book (4 inches by 6 inches) may make it less than optimal for a library but it would definitely be a very good choice for a gift or for one’s own child or grandchild.


Rating (1 to 5)


Suggested Audience

Young Children

Christian Impact

This collection covers many aspects of God: being everywhere, always listening, His strength and his power and many others.

Other Notes:

The hardcover edition of this book has a glow-in-the-dark cover which most kids would find very intriguing.

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Guided by His Light: A Child's Bedtime Prayer Book

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