Every Piece of Me

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Title: Every Piece of Me

Author: Jerusha Clark

Publisher: Baker Books

Publication Date: 2017

Format: Print book

Length: 221 pages


In Every Piece of Me, Jerusha Clark guides women on the path to discovering their identities in Christ. She addresses several primarily female experiences such as body image, motherhood, femininity, and female sexuality. But Clark also views experiences encountered by all humans—such as idolatry, fear, and decision-making—in the context of the feminine experience. Clark is conversational, honest, and witty in her exploration of female identity. Through personal experience and biblical truth, she illuminates the inherent value women have as daughters of the Lord.

Clark’s delightful anecdotes are guaranteed to induce a chuckle as well as provide deeper insight into aspects of life that require God’s healing touch. She is completely vulnerable in telling her own stories, from struggling with bipolar disorder to wrestling in trying to obtain a genuine Philly cheesesteak. Capable of both the profound and the comical, Every Piece of Me elicits discussions and spiritual prompts that truly call women to evaluate their everyday lives and how they can glorify the Lord.


Rating (1 to 5)

5 stars

Suggested Audience

Christian women seeking their identities in Christ

Christian Impact

This book encourages women to assess their everyday lives and how they reflect their inherent value as daughters of God.


Other Notes: Each chapter ends with questions for reflection and discussion, as well as recommended reading lists for further study. The end of the book also includes a collected notes section.

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Every Piece of Me

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