(Book review) Stranger No More: A Muslim Refugee’s Story of Harrowing Escape, Miraculous Rescue, and the Quiet Call of Jesus

Reviewed by: Elissa Harkness, a professional writing major at Taylor University



Title: Stranger No More: A Muslim Refugee’s Story of Harrowing Escape, Miraculous Rescue, and the Quiet Call of Jesus

Author: Annahita Parsan with Craig Borlase

Publisher: Thomas Nelson Books

Publication Date: November 14, 2017

Format: Print book

Length: 270 Pages


This book follows the life of Annahita Parsan, a Muslim woman who is unexpectedly widowed and left to care for her new son all before the age of eighteen. Filled with grief over her loss and fear over the worsening conditions under the brutal regime in Iran, she struggles to find peace and security. Readers cannot help but continue to turn the pages as her conditions only worsen. Through a series of twists and turns, Annahita feels compelled to pray to a God she knows nothing about yet longs to be protected by.

Well paced and engaging, this book masterfully captures Annahita’s pain and hopelessness, as in the coming months she goes through trials that test her limits and faith. All the while, readers will have to grapple with their own elements faith, exploring their prayer lives and relationships with their Savior. With detailed descriptions and a style that makes the audience feel right there with her, Annahita beautifully shares her story of prayerful redemption. It is inspiring and uplifting, but it also is realistic in portraying the plight of women in the Middle East who have few rights, few options, and few freedoms.


Rating (1 to 5)

5 stars

Suggested Audience

High school age and older Christians

Christian Impact

This book gives a deep insight into the power of prayer and the capacity of the Lord’s comfort in the midst of trials. As Annahita goes through struggle after struggle, readers see her learn and understand how God is present and moving in everything. It challenges individuals to look inward and question how they are doing in regard to turning their worries over to Christ.

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