A Silent Cry: An Amazing True Story About Life After Death

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Title: A Silent Cry: An Amazing True Story About Life After Death

Author: Mike Adams

Publisher: WestBow Press

Publication DateNovember 2016

Format: Paperback

Length: 123 pages


            “To receive a miracle, you have to believe in a miracle.” This is a constant theme throughout Mike Adams’s debut book, in which he tells the heartbreaking story of the loss of both his daughter and his wife. Adams walks his reader through the two years following the death of his wife, Teresa, and the many miracles he and his children experienced. His story reveals how the spiritual realm is closely woven with our own and how God gives strength and peace despite deep sadness and loneliness.

            Adams’s story is raw and vulnerable, something that many people dealing with loss and grief can relate to. However, his writing style can be a bit repetitive at times, and the book lacks a sense of overall cohesiveness in structure. He favors a style of short anecdotes that do not necessarily relate to one another. He also tends to end chapters on sad or depressing notes, but he does keep hope as a solid thread throughout the book.

            Adams’s story communicates the unpredictable rollercoaster that grief can be. It can be sharp or dull depending on the day. But he firmly proclaims the hope Christians have in life after death. He knows his wife and daughter are in heaven, and they are protecting and watching over his family in both seen and unseen ways.


Rating (1 to 5)

3 stars

Suggested Audience

Adams writes for a Christian audience, particularly those who have lost a spouse. At times, he also addresses what the loss of a mother is like for his children.

Christian Impact

This book approaches grief from a Christian perspective, recognizing there is life after death and that our loved ones are never far away when we belong to God’s family.

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A Silent Cry: An Amazing True Story about Life After Death

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