God’s Best-Kept Secret: Christianity is Easier Than You Think

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Title: God’s Best-Kept Secret: Christianity is Easier Than You Think

Author: Mark Maulding

Publisher: Baker Books

Publication Date: Oct. 3, 2017

Format: Paperback

Length216 pages


            As a Christian counselor, Mark Maulding spends every day working with people who are trying hard to get right with God. After years of seeing believers trapped in a cycle of try, burn out, fail, repeat, Maulding dares to ask, “What if God never meant for us to try?” He answers the question by taking eleven common misconceptions about Christian life and, as the back cover blurb puts it, “explodes” them with Scripture and anecdotes from work.

            Christian self-help books are notorious for being preachy and impractical. God’s Best-Kept Secret stands out because it’s neither. Maulding tells real stories, asks real questions, addresses real concerns, and offers real solutions to problems of faith. His word choice isn’t always the best – people may have to reread a sentence or two because the words seem heretical at first – but the ideas themselves flow smoothly and stand on a firm foundation of Scripture. This book is perfect for anyone who needs a shoulder to lean on in his or her Christian walk.


Rating (1 to 5)


Suggested Audience

YA and older

Christian Impact

It sheds a whole new light on the phrase “living by grace” by refuting commonly held misconceptions.


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God's Best-Kept Secret: Christianity Is Easier Than You Think

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