People are the mission

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Title: People are the Mission

Author: Danny Franks

Publisher: Zondervan

Publication Date: 2018

Format: Print Book

Length: 208 Pages


Pastor Danny Franks calls for the church to welcome guests and share the gospel. Unfortunately, many churches miss half that equation. Franks describes two kinds of churches. One proclaims the gospel truth but is elitist and unrelatable to the unchurched The other does everything it can to win people to Jesus but compromises the gospel to make it less offensive.

Franks ditches this dichotomy. “The gospel is offensive. Nothing else should be” (p. 29). In other words, it’s good and right when guests cringe at a convicting sermon. It’s not right when they cringe at the church’s shabby paint job, or a rude greeter, or an inattentive children’s worker (p.65). Any offense could become an excuse against the gospel—even a small offense.

In countering these offenses, Franks delves into specifics, but keeps his focus on a healthy mindset. “Having a lot of people at your church is not the same as having a lot of disciples who love Jesus” (p. 116). “We can build the greatest volunteer team in the world, but if the hellos and handshakes come only from those wearing name tags but not those in the pews, we have failed” (p. 120).

Franks explores a variety of details on guests and the church: the relationship between evangelism and the church, how churches should specialize based on their talents, how to approach resistant guests, and how to approach parishioners resistant to guests. These messages are communicated with wisdom—and a wacky sense of humor—all without losing steam or derailing his central theme.

     People are the Mission is an engaging book that proclaims truth and love in unison. While some of its specific suggestions are more applicable to larger churches, it provides a framework that can be applied to any church and a message that can be applied by any individual.


Rating (1 to 5)

4 stars

Suggested Audience

Christians engaged in their local church, especially those in leadership

Christian Impact

Promotes guest-friendly churches that maintain the gospel’s integrity.


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People Are the Mission: How Churches Can Welcome Guests Without Compromising the Gospel

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