Troubled Waters

Reviewed by: Cheri Stutzman, a Professional Writing major at Taylor University



Title: Troubled Waters

Author: Susan May Warren

Publisher: Revell

Publication Date: 2018

Format: Print book

Length: 347 pages


A strong gust of wind and a cliff is all that it takes to ruin the PEAK rescue group’s only helicopter and potentially bring an end to the team. Sierra Rose finds herself trying to rescue the team, restore her personal self-confidence, and re-establish her relationships with coworkers and friends in this novel of action and romance,

When she needs the funds to restore the team’s helicopter, Sierra embarks on a journey of discovery, learning more about herself and the people around her. After a failed fundraising cruise, she finds herself battling nature and her feelings in an effort to survive. That survival depends on the skills of her beloved PEAK team as they race against nature in an effort to rescue her and her boss, Ian Shaw.

As she is thrown into a wild challenge of survival, Sierra falls in love, both on a human and spiritual level. She must let go of past hurts in learning to trust in God and the man who has deeply hurt her, but whom she still loves.

Troubled Waters is a story of discovery that takes all of the characters on journeys deep inside themselves. They must conquer their inner battles as they also confront the ravages of nature. The survival of the entire team balances on the ability of the members to come to terms with themselves and with each other. Otherwise, they will fail, and in their line of work, there are no second chances.


Rating (1 to 5)

4 stars

Suggested Audience

Readers, primarily female, ages 16 and older

Christian Impact

Most of the book doesn’t talk about Christianity, until the point at which Sierra finds herself in danger. It is here, and only here, that she finally turns to God. Unfortunately, it seems as though Warren adds this element of Christianity simply to check it off the list. The novel has an intriguing storyline, but it does not emphasize a strong religious focus.


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Troubled Waters (Montana Rescue, #4)

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