His Surprise Son

Reviewed by: Mary Clapp, public librarian and former church librarian


Title: His Surprise Son

Author: Allie Pleiter

Publisher: Love Inspired

Format: paperback

Publication Date: 2018

Length: 219 pages


Jean Matrim and Josh Tyler, were once college sweethearts planning to marry, but now are separated and live on opposite sides of the country. Josh lives in California and has started his own very successful tech company, which demands all of his time and energy. Jean left California to go back to her hometown of Matrim Valley, North Carolina to care for her dying father. She found that the town, founded by her grandfather, was struggling and Jean had an idea to revive it. After Jean was elected Mayor the town agreed to change its name to Matrimony Valley and transform into a wedding destination. The very first bride turns out to be Josh Tyler’s half-sister Violet. As Josh and Jean reunite after several years apart, Josh is shocked to learn the two share a son, Jonah.


Rating (1 to 5)

4 stars

Suggested Audience

Women who enjoy romance novels, or anyone who enjoys a light, fun story. Suitable for a church library.

Christian Impact

This is a Christian romance story about second chances and forgiveness. As the couple struggle with what to do about their unusual situation, they turn to God for answers: “Sometimes God takes us to a place where we have no answers to remind us that He does.” page 184.

Other notes

Author Allie Pleiter will be the keynote speaker at the annual Fall conference of ECLA, October 27, 2018.

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His Surprise Son

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