The Unknown Disciple

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Title: The Unknown Disciple

Author: Michael L. King

Publisher: WestBow Press

Publication Date: 2017

Format: Print book

Length: 164 pages


Ever since the shepherd boy saw Jesus as a babe in a manger, he obtains glimpses of the Messiah throughout his life. As he manages a fabric business, his life intersects with that of Christ through witnessing miracles, meeting characters such as Nicodemus and Luke, and marrying his second wife (the woman healed by the touch of Jesus’ hem) after his first spouse dies in childbirth. Throughout his journey through the Gospels, the unknown disciple struggles with bitterness and doubt, but along the way, he learns to place his trust in Christ.

Although the author begins with the clever idea to give readers the perspective of a man who followed Jesus but was not initially named as an apostle, much of the book falls flat. The writer tells far more than shows, takes certain creative liberties with the Holy Spirit’s work prior to the resurrection of Christ, and does not add much to the original Gospel story. Furthermore, although the voice appears to be contemporary in nature, all the dialogue comes from a King James-esque style, which clashes with the rest of the tone.


Rating (1 to 5)

2 stars

Suggested Audience

Those who want to revisit the Gospels from a slightly different angle.

Christian Impact

Even disciples struggled with the true meaning of discipleship. The main character wrestles with the same doubts and bitterness those in the New Testament (and in the church today) struggle with. This book gives an example of what it looks like to place trust in God, even in periods of great darkness.


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The Unknown Disciple

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