Scars Across Humanity: Understanding and Overcoming Violence Against Women

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Title: Scars Across Humanity: Understanding and Overcoming Violence Against Women

Author: Elaine Storkey

Publisher: InterVarsity Press

Publication Date: 2018

Format: Print

Length: 288 pages


One in four women suffers from domestic violence in her lifetime. Around two million baby girl fetuses are killed every year during sex-selective abortions, and every day, nearly 40,000 girls are married off too young.

These shocking statistics are only a portion of what Elaine Storkey presents readers in her book Scars Across Humanity: Understanding and Overcoming Violence Against Women. In an attempt to bring to light the global epidemic of violence that afflicts women of all ages, Storkey carefully gives readers a look into the topics of gender-selective abortion, domestic violence, rape, and others.

This book clearly lays out problems in governments and legislation worldwide in regard to violence against females and calls readers to action, compelling them with a hope for the future. The book provides accurate and compelling statistics, but due to this, it often reads like a textbook. The addition of first-hand accounts of victims of these violent situations had the most impact and should have been more prevalent. But overall, Scars Across Humanity is an honest and well-written examination of a global epidemic that is sure to tug the hearts of readers.


Rating (1 to 5)


Suggested Audience

This book examines mature themes and sometimes shares graphic personal narratives. Though women are the main subjects of this book, both men and women can benefit from studying these topics and reading these stories. However, readers under the age of 16 and those who have experienced violence in the past should be advised of the sensitive content presented.

Christian Impact

Violence against women is a topic rarely discussed among Christians, and this book provides the platform to begin these important conversations. However, Storkey does little to relate the issues back to biblical teachings and the Christian perspective. The final chapter in the book, “Christianity and gender: a fuller picture” seems rather like an afterthought – an addition of scripture and Christian teachings as a way to appease Christian audiences instead of being fully integrated in and examined throughout the book.



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Scars Across Humanity: Understanding and Overcoming Violence against Women

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