When God’s Ways Make No Sense

Reviewed by: Madelyn Ames, a Professional Writing student at Taylor University



Title: When God’s Ways Make No Sense

Author: Dr. Larry Crabb

Publisher: Baker Books

Publication Date: 2018

FormatPrint book

Length229 pages


In Dr. Larry Crabb’s, When God’s Ways Make No Sense, poses philosophical questions allowing the reader to dive deeper than the normal topical Christian beliefs in the light and easy topics regularly discussed in books. He challenges Christians to tremble and trust rather than accept without questioning what God is doing in their lives.

Crabb introduces three characters from the Bible: Jonah, Saul, and Habakkuk. Each character is formally introduced through their faults. Jonah resisted God and ran; Saul denied the truth of the gospel; Habakkuk feared and avoided God. Crabb uses these stories to let the reader place themselves in the shoes of whichever character they relate to most. These are deeply moving examples that Crabb uses to convict and correct Christians when they react wrongly to whatever God may be doing in their lives.

Crabb offers a well-written theological read that flows smoothly for most of the book. However, the discussion of Christian deism around the middle of the book is a bit confusing as Crabb attempts to explain his own journey teeter-totting between the belief of a disconnected God and an involved God. Crabb never reaches a conclusion at the end of chapter 10, leaving readers confused and searching for his point within the text.

After that brief, fuzzy chapter, Crabb jumps right back into the book to guide readers with spiritual insight when God’s ways make no sense.


Rating (1 to 5)


Suggested Audience

The reading level and problems addressed within the book suggest that the writing is focused primarily on middle-aged Christians who are or have faced difficult times in their lives.

Christian Impact

Dr. Crabb pushes Christians not to avoid the hard questions that are often dodged, but rather to take on the struggle to push one’s faith, following the theme of the book by trembling and trusting in what God is doing.



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When God's Ways Make No Sense

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