30 Days to Understanding the Bible: Unlock the Scriptures in 15 Minutes a Day

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Title: 30 Days to Understanding the Bible: Unlock the Scriptures in 15 Minutes a Day (Thirtieth Anniversary Expanded Edition)
Author: Max Anders

Author: Max Anders

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

Publication Date: 2018

Format: print book

Length: 392 pages


This simple-to-use guide will help readers hoping to learn the important names, events, and geographies of the Bible. Anders repeats the phrase “What you can learn tomorrow is built on what you learn today” throughout the book, and he uses multiple memorization tactics so the material is committed to memory in only fifteen minutes per day.

In this thirteenth anniversary expanded edition Anders restored requested topics from the original edition and updated the guide for today’s readers. This new addition includes: the arc of Bible history to help readers visualize the Bibles major themes, summarization of the entire Bible, the core beliefs of the Christian faith, effective teaching tools, and bonus content originally removed from the first edition.

Those new to the faith will not be overwhelmed by the content presented, and biblical scholars will find this book helpful in organizing, clarifying, and expanding on previous knowledge.


Rating (1 to 5)

5 stars

Suggested Audience

Adults, young adults, Sunday school teachers, Christians who want to take scattered knowledge of the Bible and pull it together into a more cohesive whole.

Christian Impact

The Bible is an enormous book, and there is no way to understand it in its entirety in thirty days. Anders does not seek to simplify the message of Scripture; however, he gives a foundation to grasp the message of the most important book ever written. Anders’s practical guide can help the new believer, the biblical scholar, and anyone in between.


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30 Days to Understanding the Bible, 30th Anniversary: Unlock the Scriptures in 15 Minutes a Day

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