Travel: In Tandem with God’s Heart

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Title: Travel: In Tandem with God’s Heart

Author: Peter Grier

Publisher: InterVarsity Press

Publication Date: October 18, 2018

Format: Paperback

Length: 163 pages


Peter Grier is a well-traveled man with a passion for seeing people and the world through God’s eyes. He walks readers through God’s vision for travel using the framework of creation, fall, redemption, and restoration.

Using personal stories from his travels as well as biblical stories, Grier shows how travel has been tainted by sin and difficulty, yet also gives us glimpses of the Creator and His wonderful grace. He urges us to examine our motives for travel and where we are trying to seek our identities: in the world or in Christ?

Ultimately, our travels remind us that we are simply passing through and this is not our eternal home. Grier’s hope is that we can be more intentional about our travels and be a light wherever we go, whether it’s on our bucket list or not.

Grier’s voice is fresh and a bit quirky with his Irish roots. His book is enjoyable and a quick read. It’s thought-provoking and reveals the beauty in the broken ruins that make up this world. For those with wanderlust or simply a curiosity to explore, this book is perfect for any Christian who desires to know God and His world more.


Rating (1 to 5): 5

Suggested Audience

Christians with a love of or desire to travel and experience God’s world.

Christian Impact

Grier uses Scripture, discussion questions, and prayers to guide the reader through what God intends for travel.




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Travel: In Tandem with God's Heart

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  1. sounds good, do we travel to widen our minds or to fulfill a desire only, when it comes to the worlds we use to denote of belief, perhaps it’s time we used the word believer, as it has wider appeal, and brings more into the fold, happy Monday

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