The Light Before Day

Reviewed by: Ceil Carey, retired public librarian and long time book discussion leader



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The light before day

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Suzanne Woods Fisher

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360 pages


Taking up the story that began in Minding the Light, Henry and Hitty Macy’s stern and harsh grandmother has passed and left her vast fortune and estate to the two of them. Of course, (knowing their grandmother as they do, they are not surprised) there are stipulations, one being that each should marry and their mate must be a Quaker in good standing. If they do not fulfill that requirement, all will go to their father’s dishonest business partner, Tristram Macy.

Henry and Hitty attempt to use their fortune to benefit others, especially the citizens of their beloved Nantucket Island.  They seem to hit obstacles on all sides and always in the back of their minds is that condition their grandmother has placed on them and the love they both desire.


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Suggested Audience:

Fans of Fisher and anyone who likes Christian historical fiction.

Christian Impact:

Finding your way in the world, following God’s will for you and seeing Him in your life can all be very difficult, but He does lead us if we ask and listen.

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The Light Before Day (Nantucket Legacy, #3)

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