For Us Humans: A Tale of Alien Occupation

Reviewed by: G. Connor Salter, Professional Writing student at Taylor University, Upland, IN.



Title: For Us Humans: A Tale of Alien Occupation

Author: Steve Rzasa

Publisher: Enclave (Gilead Publishing)

Publication Date: 2018

Format: Paperback

Length: 330 pages


Caz’s life hasn’t changed much in the last decade or so—not since the aliens arrived, Earth became part of an interstellar organization, and his faith went down the tubes. He’s spent most of those years just drifting. Fortunately, being a conman who helps the government retrieve stolen art makes it easy to do that. Then Caz gets a new assignment: work with an alien agent to retrieve some stolen extraterrestrial art. If they fail, the diplomatic fallout will hurt Earth in a big way.

The main character (and narrator) has a snarky, juvenile viewpoint that readers will either find amusing or corny. If they can accept the narrator, though, they’ll find some great things to enjoy. The story has plenty of humor and thrills, and the comedy amplifies the story’s themes in an interesting way. Rzasa affirms orthodox Christianity but considers how that fits with discovering alien life. Since many science fiction stories take a “science versus faith” approach, the ones that ignore that dichotomy can seem foolish. Placing these ideas in what is essentially a buddy cop adventure means the story is already a bit silly, so it’s free to examine those ideas freely. A funny and deceptively insightful read.



Rating (1 to 5 stars)

4 stars

Suggested Audience

Readers who like science fiction mixed with comedy; readers who like science fiction that considers theological issues.

Christian Impact

This book will push readers to really consider what makes for a strong faith and how theology applies to space exploration and similar issues.



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For Us Humans: A Tale of Alien Occupation

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