A Fearless Leader: A Bible story about Deborah

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A Fearless Leader: A Bible story about Deborah

Author or Producer:

Rachel Spier Weaver, Anna Haggard

Illustrated by Eric Elwell

Publisher or Studio:

Harvest House

Publication or Release Date:


Format (i.e., print book, ebook, CD, DVD, movie, TV show, YouTube video, etc.):

Print book


48 pages


The account of Deborah is found in Judges, chapters 4 and 5. Deborah was the only female judge of Israel and she loved the Lord. This book gives the account of how she aided Barak in defeating Sisera’s army. (The Lord orchestrated the battle in a unique way.)

This is another great book to share with your kids.


Rating (1 to 5):


Suggested Audience:

Preschool through Grade 2

Christian Impact:

This series, Called and Courageous Girls, gives a powerful message to girls of personal strength and strength and trust in the Lord.




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A Fearless Leader: A Bible Story About Deborah

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