Mending Fences

Reviewed by: Ceil Carey, retired public librarian and long time book discussion leader



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Mending fences

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Suzanne Woods Fisher

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325 pages


The title of this book totally reflects the plot. After a stint in rehab, Luke Schrock is a new man or at least hopes to be on his way to being one. One of his godly mentors recommends not only apologizing to each that he has offended or hurt (and there is quite a list) but also asking them how his actions affected their lives. Hearing the repercussions of each of his peccadilloes causes Luke shame and pain but also sets him on a path to make things right if possible. There is such redemption and forgiveness between the pages of Mending Fences. The book is very inspiring and highly recommended.


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Fans of Amish fiction, particularly, but really anyone who loves good Christian fiction

Christian Impact:

This is a story of self-realization, commitment and surrender to God and forgiveness.

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Also includes:

-an excerpt from the next book in the series

-book discussion questions



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Mending Fences (The Deacon's Family, #1)

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