Brush of Wings

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Title: Brush of Wings

Author: Karen Kingsbury

Publisher: Howard Books

Publication Date: 2016

Format: Print

Length: 326 pages


This book is a two layered work. One covering the physical and the other the spiritual realms of life, an important reminder that God can and likely does use His angels in our lives. This book is 3rd in a series but is a stand alone. Set in present day, the main character is Mary Catherine whose life is complicated. Her life includes Marcus, a man whom she loves. But more important to her is her desire to return to Africa. She works overtime to hide a very serious heart condition from both family and friends so she can make the trip.  She “breaks up” with Marcus to pursue her own plans, but her health unravels in Africa. Thanks to the team of angels charged with her protection, she is rescued from herself and makes it back to the States and into relationship with Marcus once more.

The book’s focus is truly on relationships and their value. The author skillfully shows this without over-emphasizing the role angels may play on behalf of the Lord. The side plots that spring from the main story are well-developed and interesting.  Though the book tends to be commonly predictable, this does not take away from the lessons encased in the writing. After all, we should be able to point to our mighty Lord who uses our own frail nature to accomplish His purposes. When “good” wins, we rejoice!  This is very apparent in the book. It’s a homerun!


Rating (1 to 5)


Suggested Audience

I believe it would be appreciated by high school girls in particular, but adults as well.

Christian Impact

This author does not hesitate to make the Christian faith a spotlight.

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Brush of Wings

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