All My Friends Have Issues

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Title: All My Friends Have Issues

Author: Amanda Anderson

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

Publication Date: July 9, 2019

Format: Paperback

Length: 192 pages


In her debut book, Amanda Anderson discusses friendships, especially those between females. She comes at the topic from a Christian perspective, recognizing the brokenness we all face and finding healthy ways to build Christ-like relationships through our issues.

Anderson divides her book into three parts, all of which are elements she sees as essential to safe friendships: authenticity, encouragement, and accountability. In every chapter, she gives examples from her own life and friendships, but she doesn’t shy away from being honest about when she’s failed as a friend. Anderson provides a guide for setting boundaries and watching for deal-breakers. With experience in ministry leadership and as a speaker, she does an excellent job relating her stories to her readers and offering biblical wisdom on a tough topic for many.

The last chapter focuses on prayer and the importance of seeking the Father first in order to know how to love others well. God is the ultimate example of how we should love, and through His power and grace, we can find the balance between loving people as they are and speaking the truth when they need correction. Anderson also leaves a reader’s guide at the end of the book to give readers a more in-depth look at what lies behind our issues and what makes certain behaviors or actions deal-breakers.

Overall, Anderson’s book is honest and challenging. It calls us to look at our relationships and be self-aware of where we’re at and have a clear picture of others. It calls us to look beyond the surface and facades to support and encourage our friends when they need it most. It also calls us to be good accountability partners, knowing when it’s time to push our friends and when it’s time to tell them to rest or take a break. These are the things that make for lasting, God-honoring friendships.


Rating (1 to 5): 5 out of 5 stars

Suggested Audience:

Christian women who have been hurt by female friendships or are seeking what it means to have healthy, godly friendships.

Christian Impact:

Anderson discusses friendship from a biblical standpoint, using Scripture and personal experience to show how knowing God is the first step to forming healthy, loving friendships with others.



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All My Friends Have Issues: Building Remarkable Relationships with Imperfect People (Like Me)

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