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Title  Adoration

Author:  Olivia Rae

Published by HopeKnight Press, 2018

Format:  Print;

Length: 230 pages


Set in France during the Middle Ages, a dying King voices his final wish to one special knight, Sir Darrin; a wish that Sir Darrin abhors.  He is to wed a maiden who knew him in their shared childhood, but who also betrayed him later in life.  He agrees to the King’s wish while bent on revenge toward Lady Faith.  He is to regain his lands and his chateau in France in the bargain.  What he does not understand is the intrigue that awaits him when he does return to his chateau.  The townspeople do not like his boorish behavior, which is fueled by his need for revenge, as they dearly love Lady Faith.

Lady Faith sets herself on a path to uncover the truth about Sir Darrin’s father and desperately wishes for Sir Darrin to find the truth. But intrigue and oddly timed mishaps occur that deepen the plot. In Lady Faith’s attempts to uncover truth, she is propelled into a secret that could unravel her marriage to Sir Darrin and throw others into danger. There is a much deeper betrayal that, when uncovered at the end of the book, unravels the mystery Sir Darrin so longed to solve.


Rating (1 to 5)


Suggested audience: adult/young adult

Christian impact:   The book retains a certain amount of religious behaviors and discussions between characters; however, it is not overtly Christian in the sense some people may expect.  Characters do pray, and there is discussion about the “resurrection.” These are not a focus of the book, though prayer does play an important part in the changes of some characters in the book.  This treatment of faith may be indicative of the time period, however, so should not be considered a drawback.


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Adoration (The Sword and the Cross Chronicles #5)

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