Christ-Shaped Character: Choosing Love, Faith and Hope

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G. Connor Salter, Professional Writing alumnus from Taylor University, Upland, IN.


Christ-Shaped Character: Choosing Love, Faith and Hope


Helen Cepero


Formatio (an imprint of InterVarsity Press)

Publication Date:

June 20, 2014




181 pages


What would it look like to go over your life, searching for the moments where God was clearly present? Spiritual director Helen Cepero suggests it could lead to new freedom and new life as a Christian. In this book, she leads readers through key areas from her life – from her childhood to her experiences as a mother – and describes three key virtues (love, faith, and hope) that she learned looking back at each area. Cepero then details spiritual exercises readers can do to explore those virtues on a deeper level.

There are plenty of spiritual development books out there which use the author’s life as material, and usually the results aren’t particularly deep. Cepero manages to rise about most of those books, describing her life with brief but powerful details and an unusual honesty that makes her recollections feel very compelling. In the process, she manages to take three virtues that readers have likely heard about numerous times in church, but provides new insights into what they really mean. All things considered, this is an excellent book for readers trying to understand how God has worked in their lives and how to increase in love, faith, and hope.


Rating (1 to 5 stars)

4 stars

Intended Audience

Readers seeking devotional practices to make them more Christ-like.

Christian Impact

This book will push readers toward a more mature, challenging yet ultimately edifying view of God.

Christ-Shaped Character: Choosing Love, Faith and Hope

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