The Restorer

Review by J. J. Hanna, Professional Writing alumnus from Taylor University and currently a freelance writer from Colorado.

Book Title: The Restorer

Author: Sharon Hinck

Publisher: NavPress, Enclave

Publication Date: 2007, 2011

Format: Print Book

Length: 356 pages


Susan Mitchell dreamt of being someone great, someone with significance, someone that God would use in incredible ways.

She questioned that dream when it began to fall into place, when she was transported to another world through a portal in her attic and faced strange sight after strange sight in a world with no sun where the weapon of choice was a sword.

Hinck builds a world in The Restorer that mirrors the world we come from. God is the One, there are twelve clans with a ruling council, and records containing the very voice of the One. So long as the people of the clans stay true to the Verses, the One will fight for them and be their defender. One way he does this is to send a Restorer in times of need, usually from the Guardians of their own people. But this time, that Restorer comes from a foreign world, has no skill with a sword, and knows nothing of their traditions.

From the time Susan lands in the ruins Shamgar, she’s thirty steps behind everyone else. A head Guardian, Tristan, takes her in and keeps her safe as he teaches her about the world she landed in and the threats, both political and physical, that threaten this world. It is only a matter of time before the corrupt Council discovers her presence in the world and sends for her in order to interrogate her, taking her from Tristan’s home in Braide Wood to the capitol, Lyric. With a battle coming and threats to her life both from foreign assassins and her own traveling companions, will she be able to adjust to her newfound abilities and help save this country and get back to her children and husband before the dangers of this world claim her?



Rating: 2 stars

Suggested Audience: Avid readers of Christian fantasy looking for an adult twist to the Narnia-esque story. This book is perfect for the stay-at-home Christian mom looking for adventure and significance in daily life.

Christian Impact: Between the Verses of the people of the Clans and the Bible passages Susan recites throughout the book, this novel has a way of spreading the word of God tangibly in the context of the Christian walk. It speaks heavily to the restorative power of God and the impact of His words and His peace.

Other Notes: The author has included a Reader’s Guide providing some discussion questions about the text, a glossary of terms to assist in understanding this fantasy world, and sheet music to the songs referenced throughout the story.

The Restorer (The Sword of Lyric, #1)

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