Friends Around the World Atlas: A Compassionate Approach to Seeing the World.

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Linda Weddle, blogger, and free-lance writer


Friends Around the World Atlas: A Compassionate Approach to Seeing the World.


Compassion International along with Tyndale

Release Date:

September 2019


Hardcover book


72 pages


The book is done by Compassion International along with Tyndale and is a great resource for ministry kids or personal kids.

The book is a journey through many (but no where near all) countries and each of those countries has sections on such topics as heath, schooling, church, food, family, etc. Colorful illustrations show kids the country’s flag, what their houses look like, what their churches are like, etc.

In each section (divided by continent) there is also a mini-book that focuses on the life of one child. The back of the book has a collage of real photos from the countries and at the end is a prayer passport. I could see a family reading about a different country each night at the dinner table … and then praying about the people in that country.

I could also see a kids’ ministry group take one country a month and focus on learning about that country. The group could eat food from the country, play a game, do further research, and then pray for the kids who live there.

This book is well done and I would give it a five out of five. 

Rating :


Suggested Audience:

Ages 5-8 years and Kindergarten through 3rd grade

Christian Impact:

Could be used by families as well as by church groups, i.e.Sunday School, etc.

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