The waiting room

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Ceil Carey, retired public librarian and long-time book discussion leader


The waiting room: 60 meditations for finding peace and hope in a health crisis


Elizabeth Reynolds Turnage


Living story

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257 pages


This little book is a real treasure chronically the author’s journey as she waits while her son undergoes many surgeries, procedures and tests for a brain tumor. At the same time, her father is dying and there is additional loss in her family. The meditations go right to the heart and the many issues and emotions that a person in this situation would go through. The verses, song selections and reflections are also just what you need at a time like this.

This book is well written and filled with the wisdom of the author as well as God’s perfect wisdom and love for us. Highly recommended for a library as well as individual purchase.




Suggested Audience:

Anyone going through a health crisis as the patient or the loved one or caregiver.

Christian Impact:

This book is filled with wisdom, Scripture, hope and peace.

Other Notes:

At the end of each meditation, includes a prayer, further encouragement which is comprised of a Bible verse and a link to music which would also encourage and a reflection.

There is an appendix, notes and a Scripture index.

The Waiting Room: 60 Meditations for Finding Peace & Hope in a Health Crisis

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