When God Rescripts Your Life

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Lauren Cina from Lino Lakes, MN, a student at Taylor University in Upland, IN.


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When God Rescripts Your Life


Julie Lyles Carr


Nelson Books

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203 pages


Jaci Velasquez is a multi-platinum, Grammy-nominated Christian artist. Velasquez was surrounded by music her whole life as her parents were singers. At sixteen, she gained notoriety and fame with the release of her first album. From that album, five of the songs reached number one.

Then, she moved to Hollywood and stared in a movie called Chasing Papi, which tarnished her Christian reputation. After all the success in music, Velasquez’s career reached a plateau and a year after her wedding, her marriage to a fellow musician ended. Her family questioned her life choices, and she felt lost and purposeless. Velasquez later rekindled her relationship with her old flame Nic.

Jaci Velasquez describes her life now as an adventure. She has experienced countless trials as a wife and mom of two boys, including one who has been diagnosed with autism. Yet through it all, she knows that God has been sovereign. As a performer, Velasquez was always comparing herself to others and how they were doing. As a mom, she began the same cycle, comparing herself to other families and their stories. Eventually, Velasquez learned that “comparison is a game in which we set rules by which we can never win. So, we’ve got to refuse to play” (162).

In addition to all of that, Velasquez now lives with chronic neck pain. She went through a period of time where the pain was too unbearable to work or live a normal life. Now she views her pain in this way: “God is repurposing my pain. I’m kinder now. I’m a more intentional listener. . . . And it’s made me much, much closer to God” (183).

Velasquez makes sure to give a detailed overview of her past and present while relating her life to Scripture and what God has taught her. She encourages her readers to look back at their past and reflect but continue to be hopeful for the future. It is important to learn and grow from the mistakes you have made and continue to help others through their own challenges.


Rating (1 to 5):

4/5 Stars

Suggested Audience:

The tone of the book is light but informative. Velasquez displays her humor within her writing and creates a format that is easy to follow. It will appeal to females, specifically Christian mothers. Also fans of her music will enjoy this.

Christian Impact:

This autobiography goes into detail on topics like the music and film industry, relationships, and family life while always bringing in the Christian perspective. In each chapter, Velasquez talks about a different story from the Bible that relates to her life.

When God Rescripts Your Life: Seeing Value, Beauty, and Purpose When Life Is Interrupted

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