Growing Forward When You Can’t Go Back


Erin Janko, Freelance Writer and Developmental Editor
Delavan, WI


Laurie Pawlik


Bethany House Publisher

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196 pages


Finding your way through life’s griefs to new, redeemed life drives the purpose of Growing Forward When You Can’t Go Back. This book provides practical, holistic counseling to women who’ve gone through loss, trauma, or who have deep wounds that just won’t seem to heal. Pawlik, who holds her MSW, outlines her wisdom in the form of “blossom tips.” These she draws from stories of ten biblical women, her own experiences, and women to whom she ministers on her blog, “She Blossoms.”

While the concept of this book holds great promise, it unfortunately falls short of its potential in its current format. Choppy organization cuts off a deeper exploration of its themes. Stories and what-to-do tips sprinkled everywhere interrupt the flow of Pawlik’s messages and stunt the development of each chapter’s main thought—when there is a main thought. By themselves, her tips are beneficial. Overall, however, this scattered read struggles to relay its desired impact. Its content would work better reorganized and repackaged into a women’s Bible study. Still, it is a tool which women on healing journeys might find helpful.


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Christian women who are seeking healing from their losses and trauma

Christian Impact:

With its blossom tips from an MSW, the book provides practical steps women can take in self-care and personal healing.

Growing Forward When You Can't Go Back

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