Raising Boys Who Respect Girls

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Raising Boys Who Respect Girls


Dave Willis


Nelson Books

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November 12, 2019


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212 pages


We live in a world saturated with sexual immorality and false ideas about the roles of men and women and how men should treat women. Dave Willis, a pastor and speaker as well as a father of four boys, has recognized a trend of men lacking respect for women. His book Raising Boys Who Respect Girls explores topics related to this crisis and the issues it can cause in relationships and our world. 

Digging deep into the topics of sex, pornography, lust, and marriage, Willis highlights issues in light of a biblical context and examines the life of Jesus and the ways He showed revolutionary respect to women. Each chapter is accompanied by applicable and real stories from men and women as well as encouragement for how to teach young boys about these subjects in ways that will raise them to respect women and start to correct the global epidemic of disrespect and false manhood.


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Suggested Audience

The intended audience for this book is fathers and mothers who are raising boys. Most lessons and the entire last chapter give clear details on how to raise a young boy to respect women and understand what it means to be a real man. However, any man and any mentor to young men would benefit from reading this book to learn how to set an example for how to better respect others and God. Dave Willis does speak explicitly at times regarding topics of sex, lust, pornography, and masturbation so an older, adult audience would benefit most from the contents of this book.

Christian Impact

Even in Christian communities there is a lack of respect for others, and particularly a lack of respect toward women. This book dives into tough topics that Christians shy away from discussing yet does so in an admirable way that will promote discussion and action. With Scripture references and practical advice, this book acts as a great tool for Christian parents looking for wisdom on how to raise their sons to respect themselves, others, and God.

Raising Boys Who Respect Girls: Upending Locker Room Mentality, Blind Spots, and Unintended Sexism

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